Welcome to Veda Vitality (online)

In Julia's Updates by Julia Somerville

Welcome to the launch of Veda Vitality (online).

In October 2014 Veda Vitality online was born.  We aim to be Wales’ premier naturopathy and nutrition website for self-healing, well being and general happiness for you, your family and friends.

Over time the website will come to encompass a great deal of information on self-healing, naturopathy, foods as well as nutrition and will offer a premier experience of naturopathy tailored to your personal needs.  Expert naturopathist Julia Somerville can customize your lifestyle needs to give you the optimum health and happiness in your life simply by making lifestyle changes that you would have never thought to have done before.  She offers one-on-one consultations, expert analysis and diagnosis as well as therapy tailoring and natural solutions to every day lifestyle issues and stress related conditions.